Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Looking Back

As the year comes to a sudden close, I look back on all that we've accomplished this year.  It's incredible how well-made everything is!  The amount of bowls we've made is ridiculous.  Each one was carefully executed and made to represent someone we respect and admire.  Not only have our art skills improved, but throughout the year, art has helped me manage time and plan more efficiently.  Art is not something to be taken lightly.  The books we've made give us a personal "photo album", filled with memories of the past year.  They display our work nicely and give us something to show how amazing art can be to others.  All in all, I'd say this was a pretty successful year in art.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Art Slideshow

I've successfully finished my second year of High School Art!! This year was quite an experience, and I've learn (and am still learning) a multitude of new skills.  Here is a slideshow of this year's work.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Memories through Melodies

Our next assignment is a bit more manageable and controllable than the rigid metalwork we just finished.  It's clay!  We are making a table setting for someone who is of importance to us.  I chose the singer, Kimbra.  She isn't afraid to put her whole self into her music, and for that, I commend her.  I decided to utilize a song's character in each of my pieces. This is "Good Intent".  There will be more on the other pieces later!

Crab Thingy?

So my metal is finally finished, and has a lot of.... character?  It's unique!  I think when choosing a design, I took a different approach than others.  My piece stood out immediately among the others that were hung around it, but in a neutral way.  It was less symbolic and more cartoon-ish and literal.  I believe it resembles a crab in a way (which was what I was really going for).  I enjoyed looking at everyone's hard work, especially since creating a work of art out of metal is quite a feat, regardless of size!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Metal Work!!

Working with metal has been so eye-opening.  It's been so unique compared to the others types of work we've made.  It's so rigid, but can be manipulated in such odd ways.  I had a lot of trouble coming up with a good design.  I still am unsure of whether my plan will work well, but I decided to take a risk.  Above is my design and how much I've done so far.

Collage and Lune

Constantly changing, my collage has finally taken its finished form!! I'm very glad with the outcome.  Each collage has it's own Lune Poem to help others fully understand the meaning behind the collage.  My collage's Lune is:

Troubled thoughts wreck
What once was perfect harmony
New life chapter

My poem can relate to a lot of things that happened throughout my life.  I think that's the reason I'm so content with it.  It can connect with others.  Many different situations can relate to the poem.  I hope you enjoy observing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Finished Portrait

With my face finally splattered with obnoxious orange paint, my Self Portrait is complete.  It was quite a task, but the final product was well worth it! After the inking, the painting had a scary vibe while still maintaining a goofy quality.  I enjoyed critiquing others' works, because each one was ENTIRELY different.  They all had so many different emotions and qualities to them.  It was great to see them hung throughout our school!  Don't worry; pictures will come soon!